Saturday, July 28, 2007

Memories, Cesar and Poets n Writers

Laurie, an old family friend, sent us this. She's on the left. My sister Ann (who is the taller child, next to me, the shorter one) always thought Laurie was cool. And now here we have a photo to prove it. Also pictured are my parents.

Thanks to those of you who commented on my blog and emailed me personally about the situation with my mom. I know I'm not alone. Your reaching out means a lot.
In preparation for the experience of moving her tomorrow, I went on a 25-mile bike ride today. Cesar Millan's tactics with dogs work with people, too--well, they do with me. If I exercise hard, I'm much more centered and at peace the rest of the day. I also enjoy being "calm assertive" in my life.
(An aside to commenters: I know Millan is controversial, but I can't help loving the guy.)

* * *
If you want to read a profile of one of your favorite contemporary writers, it might be here.

Poets & Writers magazine and website is a great resource for lots of other things too, including current calls for submissions. I like subscribing to the magazine, but most of the what is in the magazine is available for free online.

I just noticed they have an interview with Ellen Bass, whom I featured on a past Poetry Monday.

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