Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caption Me, Baby

Given all the news about Miss California's hypocritical anti-gay "Christianity" that's been in the news of late, I thought I'd run a fun little contest. Whoever writes the best caption for this photo in the next week or coupla a weeks (or whatever; I'm the goddess of this blog; I'll decide) will win a copy of For the May Queen. Winner will be announced on this blog soon. Let's say, before June. Post your captions in the comments of this entry.

You need to read Collin Kelley's blog entry about all the Miss California and all the other gay stuff that's been going on lately. He's hilarious and spot-on. And some Anonymous (don't you love it?) commenter has his panties in a bunch about it. Poor dude. Hey, history is with us, man. This is a civil rights issue. Get over it or you're gonna look like Ben Tillman in retrospect.

And did you hear Terry Gross on Fresh Air today? She did a whole show on gay civil rights, featuring the new movie Outrage (which is about outing political hypocrites) and ending with an interview of Camilla Taylor, a lawyer for Lambda Legal who was instrumental in making same-sex marriage happen in Iowa. Imagine this: She's a straight woman. She said she's taken on this cause because she doesn't want to live in a country where people are denied their civil rights.

All this...and with the legalization of same-sex marriage in Maine today, I was reminded what a thrilling time this is to a queer or a queer-supporter in this country.
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