Monday, March 17, 2008

One Year

My father died one year ago today. I was with him when he died at 3 a.m. The middle of the night and the beginning of spring are resonant with my memories of him--and likely always will be.

I know I was lucky to have such a loving, funny Dad. He cared about me, was invested in my life. He loved Annie "like a daughter" as he said several times. He was one of those rare men who, when he screwed up, would apologize. He lived big. He loved life and didn't want to leave it.

I began writing this blog last year in response, in great part, to the loss of my dad, as you can see in the first entry.

I will honor him today by breathing, by loving the blue sky and sun, by touching the shells I picked up at the beach yesterday (he taught me to love the ocean)--and by being kind to those around me, making sure to apologize when I screw up.


Jo A. T.B. said...

A sad day indeed. Funny how quickly time passes by. A beautiful tribute you made for your dad. I really liked the picture of you and your dad, and the one with the flowers. May your memories bring you even closer to him and his love!

Collin Kelley said...

I cannot believe it's been a year. Thinking of you.

Keith said...

Kate, I love those pictures of your Pop. You know, some people just look like kindness and he is definitely one of them. K

Kate Evans said...

Thanks, Keith, this made my heart glow.

& ox to Collin & Jo.