Monday, June 2, 2008

Presidential cigs

I was shocked (in my usual naive sort of way) when I heard on the radio the doctor who gave Obama his physical says he's in great health--and that the only obvious health risk in his life is that he's a smoker.

Huh? Where have I been?

It's funny how it made me feel. It felt a little betrayed, as though he'd been hiding something. I mean, I'd never ever seen him smoking. Not in the bars where he quaffed booze to prove he was just as much of a man as Hillary. Not while kicking back in a car or private plane on the campaign trail. Not while hanging out with the unwashed masses.

Why didn't he have a cigarette during the debates, just sit there and puff, exhaling into Hillary's face or something--like the old days when Johnny Carson used to smoke at his desk as he interviewed people.

I wonder if Obama will quit cigarettes just as he quit his church?
Come on, if David Sedaris can quit, anyone can.

Do any of you give a hoot about this one way or the other?

UPDATE: Based on the comments of Joanna & Becky, I did more research on this topic. Apparently Obama's been trying to quit for quite some time now. As of four days ago, he was still battling it and re-trying the Nicorette.


appalcart said...

Obama, who has admitted to drug use in his teenage years, has also been public about his struggle to quit smoking. His wife, Michelle, told CBS's ``60 Minutes'' last year that she agreed to help her husband run for president as long as he stopped smoking.

``I hate it,'' Michelle Obama told the television news show. ``That's why he doesn't do it anymore. I'm proud to say. I outed him.''
For health reasons I wish he would quit. There are some things I should be doing for better health too so...

Becky C. said...

Kate, he has not hidden it. In fact I have seen him joke about it--one time he tossed a nicorette to one of the reporters to see if they liked the taste.

He made a deal with his wife to quit when he ran for president--which seems a terrible time to give up the habit--but he has been chewing Nicorette and doing pretty good from what I have read.


Kate Evans said...

Joanna, I agree with you about the health reasons & wishing he'd quit but not judging him, either, since I, too, could do some better things for my health.

Becky, I did more research and found he has talked about it a lot publicly (as has Michelle). I just find it interesting we haven't seen any IMAGES of him doing it because, of course, he and his publicity folks know it looks bad.

I hate the fact that corporate welfare supports the tobacco companies, which makes me cringe at the idea of a smoking president (but of course it wouldn't keep me from voting for Obama).

To me, Obama's admitted college drug experiments combined with his tobacco use pale in comparison to Bush's years of drug and alcohol abuse...

Collin Kelley said...

I knew he smoked. He's just done a good job of not getting caught with a ciggie in hand during the campaign.

Bookfraud said...

i think he'd be wise to be seen smoking, actually. if only to undercut the b.s. "elitist" garbage the gop is throwing at him. but i hope he quits soon. the next president of the united states needs to set an example.