Monday, September 1, 2008

Pre-ordering For the May Queen is now available. Whee!

One of the great things about having your novel come out in paperback first is that it costs less. For the May Queen will be listed at only $14.95. But if you pre-order now, it's only $12.95. You save 2 bucks, which is about half a gallon of gas or almost a full cup of Starbucks. Score!

Also, if you order through VHP, you support a small press. VHP reminds you that For the May Queen makes a great birthday and holiday present for all the readers on your list!

To order: Click here or here

or on the book image to the left to order.


(PS: Keep an eye on this blog for free excerpts of the novel, and also for dates, times and locations of book parties, readings, book signings and other shenanigans.)

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