Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love to all on Valentine's Day

On our walk this morning we could see snow on Mt. Hamilton to the east, just a short drive from our house. It's cold here in the valley where a wind blows on us through the mountain.

A big week is ahead of me. I'm giving 3 readings: One at Ravenswood tomorrow, one on campus Wednesday and one Friday at the CATE Conference (an on-stage conversation about the coming-of-age novel with Nick Taylor). At the Wednesday reading at the library on campus, there will be a champagne reception--so if my book can't lure you, maybe free booze can?

My mom asked me to write a blog entry about Alzheimer's, the disease she suffers from. It's percolating and will appear here in the next few weeks. I'll get to see her tomorrow because she's coming with me to my reading. It's always bittersweet to spend time together at a literary event because I got my love for reading and writing from her--and she can no longer do either. Well, for the most part. She's keeping a journal of ongoing, short entries--writing it by hand because typing is too difficult. In her day she published several books and was a big reader. She told me she misses reading. Fortunately she has movies in her life--and a lot of family love.


Jo A. T.B. said...

Happy Valentines Day Kate! Loved the photo of the mountains. I remember how beautiful the snow capped mountains were, when we visited there on our honeymoon! Good luck on your readings and enjoy your time with your mom!

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

Hi Kate, I loved reading about all your events, as well as seeing your mom, Arlene,'s books(at the link here at your entry).
I hope you have lots of time, good times, with her. Big hugs.
I look forward to your entry on Alzheimer's.