Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Travel Ah City

We got back from Hawaii last night. The minute the plane took off from Honolulu, the two people in the seats in front of us reclined their seats a-l-l the w-a-y b-a-c-k. Ruthless for Annie and me, who are big girls (I'm 5'8 and she's 5'10 ... and we weigh, well, I won't go there). Although it may be a good yoga position, it's not fun flying with your knees curled up to your chest.

I hate flying but love to travel so I suck it up. I'm claustrophobic to boot, which makes sitting on the tarmac before the plane takes off torture. My doctor gave me some killer drug that I took on the way over--it made me feel like if the plane started spiraling to earth I wouldn't have a care in the world--but for the next 24 hours I was so agitated and blue I realized the backlash of anti-anxiety medications aren't worth it for me. So I went drugless on the flight home (unless you count a big, fat beer I drank in the airport ahead of time).

One thing I realized about flying is it's good to distract myself. I can't sleep, no matter how tired I am, so I listened to a book on tape and talked a lot to the woman in the seat next to me. She's 81 years old and was born in Hawaii but has lived in California since she was 18. She's of Japanese descent and told me her husband had been in a Japanese internment camp (Topaz) during WWII. I asked her if she had been interned too, and she said there weren't internment camps in Hawaii because there were just too many Japanese to lock up. Ah, the logic of racism.

We spent 5 days on Oahu. I love the air in Hawaii and the water; there's nothing like swimming in the ocean sans wetsuit. However, Honolulu is not my favorite place. I'm glad I experienced it, but I don't go to Hawaii for the city life. I like the nature. We were able to get up to the beautiful north shore for a bit. I'll post pictures soon.

I have a lot to catch up on ... and I want to get back to my novel. I feel time closing in on me. I like spring break but summer break reigns supreme.


Lisa Nanette Allender said...

GLAD YOU'RE BACK! Hawaii. Wow.
BE SURE TO CHECK OUT SALON'S OPEN SALON today.......please check out "Persephone 3"'s article. I responded to her essay with a comment, then posted another comment, and mentioned you--and your new(forthcoming) novel.

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

"...the logic of racism"."
I love that (scary) line.
And How interesting, the people you may meet on a plane.
btw, I can't do anything but sleep, when flying!

Holli said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I'm glad you had a nice trip :)

Collin Kelley said...

Yes, flying it a total pain in the ass, especially when you can't first class. Actually, I've never flown first class anywhere. I flew biz once to London, but that was just a lucky screw up on the airline's part. Sigh. I also can't sleep on planes. As much as I want to go to Australia, I'm afraid I would expire on the plane. lol

Montgomery Maxton said...

When I fly from West Coast to East Coast I get a 7am flight and stay up all night before. By the time I take my window seat I'm out.