Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From the Bookshelf & Gay Rights Abbondanza

We have no idea who the woman pictured on the book cover is, but we do know the author is the very talented Kate Evans, and we know that we love the novel, For the May Queen, and not just because it has a lot of sex in it. No, we also love it because the title comes from a Led Zepplin song, and because it is such a great novel. Listen in here.

Gary Shapiro interviewed me for his radio program, From the Bookshelf. He's a very fun interviewer: spontaneous, playful and surprising. I learned a lot just watching him in action. It was fun to go down to Santa Cruz one evening and sit across from him in the studio. It felt like we were riffing. Watch out Terry Gross.


I'm blown away at all that has happened in the gay rights front recently. First, Iowa legalizes gay marriage. Then Vermont. Now DC has announced that it will recognize out-of-state (out-of-district?) same-sex marriages.

Also, President Obama is inviting gay couples to its Easter Egg Roll. My hope is that he will get clearer and clearer that supporting same-sex marriage is the right thing to do.

And did you see that Tony Blair gave the Pope a head-slap about homosexuality? Go, Tony.

Of course, homophobes are frothing at the mouth about all of this. I won't provide any links because they don't need more attention than they already get, but check out Joe.My.God, who always posts the latest "PhoboQuotables" and features the crap being spouted by wacko haters.