Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Complementary Colors, Adam or Danny & Summer

Complementary Colors--my novel that comes out this summer--is about a straight woman who falls in love with a lesbian .

It's about what happens in life when we--and others--suddenly see ourselves differently.

Read Chapter One by clicking here.

If you leave a comment on the Complementary Colors blog (click on the "Leave a Comment" link at the end of the chapter), you can win one of 3 signed copies of the book that will be given away this summer.


Every Tuesday around this time I begin thinking about Adam: What he's going sing, the twist on what he's going to sing, what he's going to look like. Is this insane?

I hope he goes on tour by himself in the next year or two. He is definitely someone I would see in concert, but I don't have any desire to go to a huge stadium and be forced to sit through the others who, while they may be talented, don't hold a candle to Adam. That said, I have this sinking feeling that Danny Gokey's going do an upset and win. Don't know why, it's just a feeling I have.

My feeling is probably wrong. Let's hope.


Speaking of concerts, we have tickets for her in September:

and them in October:

Yep, they'll be together for the event! Of course they don't look like this anymore, but hearing their voices together will be Nostalgia 101. (What ever happened to men with beautiful hair and beards that looked like they belonged in a shampoo commercial?)

These concerts are my favorite venue, Mountain Winery.

Also in the plans for this summer are finishing the first draft of my novel and several great events: a trip to Tofino, a weekend at a rental house in Asilomar for a friend's 50th birthday, a family reunion, and a lot of hiking as well as kayaking in our new, red kayaks. Can you tell I'm excited for summer? The only thing that stands in my way are a stack of student papers, one more day of regular class, two finals to give, two full days of holistic scoring torture, and grades to compute...

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Holli said...

I feel the same way about Adam. He's got true talent. I hope Danny doesn't win in the end...I'll be very disappointed. Although you know Adam will have a contract waiting for him anyways so i guess its ok!