Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Hawaii Water Treats

There are so many ways to experience the water in Hawaii.  We did a ton of excellent snorkeling at Kohala beaches and other choice spots, namely Two-Step and Kealakekua Bay (aka "Captain Cook's").

Dave and I snorkeling with dolphins, turtles and a manta ray.

But two of our most wonderful water experiences weren't even in the ocean.  One was the warm pool at Ahalanui Park, south of Hilo.

I took this picture today before we slipped in.
A mix of fresh and salt water, the warm pool is volcanically heated.  It's like floating around in a bathtub.  Except this tub contains little fish that delightfully nibble at your skin when you're still.  Supposedly they help exfoliate you.  Unlike the spa, this experience is free.

Volcanic bliss.

Another free amazing water adventure that's a bit more off the beaten path is the Queen's Bath, a freshwater pool inside a lava tube.  You have to walk a little ways over lava to get there, but it's totally worth it.

A ladder for easy descent.

The water is unlike anything I've ever felt or see before.  It's so clear and cool, and it feels silky.  Must be all the minerals.  After our swim, my skin and hair felt super soft.

One happy mermaid.

You can swim from one side of the tube to the other beneath lava.  The whole experience feels primordial.

So when you come to Hawaii, enjoy the ocean but don't forget there are other ways to frolic in the water.


kras said...

What a great tip from a beautiful mermaid!! I haven't been in either of those pools, but I did get to walk over the lava when it was flowing back in the 90s. The smooth water sounds much less terrifying!

Holli said...

How fun!!