Monday, July 15, 2013

Massachusetts, Home-style

After the red-eye from L.A., we arrived at 8 a.m. to hot and steamy Boston.  So off to the beach we went with Dave's long-time friends Charlie and Lois, and their two boys Dom and Chris.

The journey from Carlisle to Gloucester was a treat.  It's so green here, and all the small towns are mariner-charming.

Chez Lombardi in Carlisle
And there's nothing like swimming in cool salt water to wash off  travel skin-scum.  (JetBlue's nice touch of wet, hot hand towels went only so far.)

Floating in the benevolent sea, I realized I'd been in the Pacific one day and the Atlantic the next.

Long Beach, Gloucester
This led me to robust appreciation for things that make extended travel like buttah:

* relatively inexpensive jet travel
* cell phones and laptops
* Airbnb, TripAdvisor and other online travel resources
* online banking
* Google docs (which is how my clients and I share writing and feedback)
* PayPal (which is how those who are inclined pay me)
* Nice people everywhere you go (thought I'd just slip that one in when you weren't looking).

After the beach, we stopped at the Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial, which overlooks a boat-filled harbor.  You can feel the poignant beauty of this special place down to your bones.

Charlie with the goods.
Next stop:  J.T. Farnhams in Essex, where the fried clam was created.  One bite and I knew this to be an invention even greater than Velcro.

We ended the day back at the Lombardi house, singing happy 11th birthday to Chris and chowing down on cake and ice cream.   Only one day and we're feeling home.

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