Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Where do you live?" the question we get asked most often, along with its cousin, "Where are you from?"

"We were living in Santa Cruz before we became nomads," we sometimes say.

"Half the year in Mexico, half traveling."

In a way, wherever we are at the moment is where we live.

When we set out two years ago to live this version of life, we weren't totally sure what it would look like. That's still the case. We make some plans, the days unfold, and eventually the dark road ahead gets illuminated with our headlights.

Since we left our little casita in Mexico in April, we've spent the night in about twenty different beds, living wherever we are.

When I look at what we've been focusing on, I can see what our priorities are.

Family and friends

Meeting Miles for the first time, in L.A.

The boys help Uncle Dave blow out his birthday candles.

Visiting my 91-year-old piano playing Aunt Ruby.

Lunch with my cousins in the Bay Area, cooked by my chef cousin Clay.
Hiking in Tahoe with Candis, Rob, and Holly.
Sister Sue and bro-in-law Dan.

My niece Hailey's 8th grade graduation.
A few days with Lee in Sebastopol.

Kari, shocked by my book.

We met up with a lot of Dave's buddies, like Sango, at High Sierra Music Festival.

Music festival clan!


Watching Dave's college buddy's son playing first base, in Nor Cal.

Hiking in San Francisco's McLaren Park.

Tahoe, on a friend's boat.

Rafting on the American River with Candis and Laura as our guides.


Run, Lola, Run! Lee's pup.

A little love from Marge, our charge in Santa Cruz during a housesit.

Maya. We took care of her during a Berkeley housesit.

My cousin Jennifer's cat, Posey, named after the SF Giants' gem of a catcher.

Dave captured these pelicans in Santa Cruz.



Bonnie Raitt in Santa Cruz

Ike & Martin, Tahoe
Roseville Moose Lodge...these young women did a killer "Me & Bobby McGee"!
Hot Buttered Rum in Santa Cruz

The Nibblers at High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy, California.

Robert Randolph

String Cheese highlight.
The Waifs
California Honeydrops

And best of all: making our own music around the fire pit in So Cal.


How about not "Where do you live" but "What do you love?"


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