Monday, June 2, 2008

Presidential cigs

I was shocked (in my usual naive sort of way) when I heard on the radio the doctor who gave Obama his physical says he's in great health--and that the only obvious health risk in his life is that he's a smoker.

Huh? Where have I been?

It's funny how it made me feel. It felt a little betrayed, as though he'd been hiding something. I mean, I'd never ever seen him smoking. Not in the bars where he quaffed booze to prove he was just as much of a man as Hillary. Not while kicking back in a car or private plane on the campaign trail. Not while hanging out with the unwashed masses.

Why didn't he have a cigarette during the debates, just sit there and puff, exhaling into Hillary's face or something--like the old days when Johnny Carson used to smoke at his desk as he interviewed people.

I wonder if Obama will quit cigarettes just as he quit his church?
Come on, if David Sedaris can quit, anyone can.

Do any of you give a hoot about this one way or the other?

UPDATE: Based on the comments of Joanna & Becky, I did more research on this topic. Apparently Obama's been trying to quit for quite some time now. As of four days ago, he was still battling it and re-trying the Nicorette.
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