Friday, August 22, 2008

The complex Joe Biden

Powerful, yes, but didn't he vote for the war?


"I've been to Afghanistan, I've been to Iraq seven times, I've been in the Balkans, I've been in these foxholes with these kids, literally in bunkers with them. Let me tell you something, nobody asked anybody else whether they're gay in those foxholes. Our allies -- the British, the French, all our major allies -- gays openly serve."

"I don't think the government can dictate the definition of marriage to religious institutions. But government does have an obligation to guarantee that every individual is free of discrimination. And there's a distinction. I think government should not be able to dictate to religions the definition of marriage, but on a civil side, government has the obligation to strip away every vestige of discrimination as to what individuals are able to do in terms of their personal conduct. "

Voted NO on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage.
Voted YES on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes.
Voted YES on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes.
Voted YES on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation.
Rated 78% by the HRC, indicating a pro-gay-rights stance.

BUT ...
Voted YES on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. (on DOMA)

Of course all of this is way better than McCain or anyone he'll choose for his running mate.


Ted said...

Biden — the perfect foil for Palin!

Montgomery Maxton said...

who DIDNT vote for DOMA back then?

Joy Leftow said...

Did you see Michael Moore's open letter to Caroline Kennedy who picked the running mate for Obama? He asks her to step up and leave behind her quiet life since she spoke out against the war. MM points out all the deficiencies of any prospective running mate aptly. It's so sad that our voting is reduced to choosing the lesser evil instead of the better person to do the job.

Collin Kelley said...

I think Biden was the best choice he could make. The DOMA thing doesn't bother me. I think Biden is a realist.

Kate Evans said...

Joy: Yes, I saw MM's letter and thought it was great.

Monty: True, most everyone voted for DOMA. Sad but true.

Collin & Ted: I'd love to hear more about why you think Biden's the best. I'm gonna venture over to your blog, Collin; I have feeling you may have said a word or two about it.

Bookfraud said...

interesting the spectrum of liberals' feelings towards biden in the blogosphere. everything from love to outright disdain. good to see it from a gay perspective as well.

no matter who obama chose, he'd get criticized for it. biden seems perfectly acceptable to me, and i'd hope he play a minor role in the administration, as veeps should (see cheyney, dick).