Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday this and that

A portion of the memoir I've been working just came out in the most recent issue of ZYZZYVA.


Yep, I'm 46 today. I remember sitting on my bed 30 years ago and writing, "Today I turned 16." I still have that diary in a box with a pile of others, stuck in my dark basement.

In spite of all our watches, calendars, techie devices...time is a mystery.


If it's not raining, we're hiking in the redwoods for my birthday. No matter the weather, we are having food and great beer at our favorite pub in the mountains. They always have a roaring fire this time of year.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. In ee cummings custom, I give thanks for the "leaping greenly spirits of trees and the true blue dream of sky."
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