Thursday, December 11, 2008

Easy like Sunday morning

It was so good to be with family yesterday, to support each other in the midst of the sadness of my cousin Steve's death. The highlights were all the hugs, love, food, photos, music (Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire...groups he loved), tears and laughter. Steve would have loved it.

I could have done without what came before: a fire-and-brimstone priest who threatened us with eternal damnation if we didn't believe. I grew up Catholic and had never before experienced a Catholic priest in the Southen Baptist vein. This guy missed his calling.


Speaking of god, my poem "Religious Poem," was just released in the latest issue of Limp Wrist.


I just received an amazing email from someone who read my novel. If I can hook anyone on a book, I'm thrilled!

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS OF PURE ENTERTAINMENT.... Seriously, I have not sat this still, reading, since I can remember. I totally loved your novel and can't help to wonder about how much partying "Norma Rogers" really did in college...I can' t wait to read "Complementary Colors" [my next novel, which is previewed at the end of For the May Queen]. Again thank you very much, you are very talented and more people need this type of entertainment...turn off the tvs and ghetto blasters, get back to the basics just plop down, relax and enjoy a great novel.

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