Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New books, new movies, new year

I hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season. I've been reading like a fiend and enjoying every moment of it. Books I've read recently that I'd recommend include:

* Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a shocking, powerful memoir; she lived more life in one page than I have in 46 years)

* The House on Beartown Road by Elizabeth Cohen (a memoir about Cohen's caring for her father, who has Alzheimer's, while she's also the single mother of a one-year-old)

* The Underwater Hospital by Jan Steckel (a powerful voice, stunning poems; Steckel is a bisexual activist and former medical doctor)

* Breach by Anne Haines (I re-read these poems; she's phenomenal)

* The Cellar Gang by John Carder Bush (one of the strangest novels I've ever read; creepy and fanciful--refreshingly surprising).

We've also been watching some Netflix movies. Recently saw Unveiled, a German film about an Iranian lesbian who escapes to Germany. It's great, although it has a flawed ending.

Mom and I went to see Marley & Me. I bawled. She didn't--but she liked it. I hadn't realized Owen Wilson could be so charming.

Next week we're going to see Doubt with our friend Scott.

Don't miss Milk if you haven't seen it. Best film I've seen in years, for many reasons.

Happy Obama New Year all!
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