Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sexiest Koala Alive

Proof you can Google anything and find it.

I just discovered that my blog entry with the most all-time hits is "How to be a Chick Magnet."  I'm imagining how many Googlers are disappointed when they hit my site and find no pictures of hot chicks, and no advice on how to pick up women.

As we're traveling and I'm blogging, perhaps I need to create spicy titles for my pieces to increase my blog traffic.

In Australia:  "Sexiest Koala Alive."

In Hong Kong:  "Land of Lingerie."

In Chennai, India:  "HOT!!!!  (And I don't mean just the food and weather!)"

I just Googled "Hot in Chennai", and the results display an interesting mix of weather, food and other hot things with links that look like one click would blow up your computer with viruses.

Perhaps the labels I just attached to this post will boost it to the #1 spot in short order.

At any rate, since people have been asking:  Yes, for sure, I will be writing as Dave and I trot the globe.  You can follow me by putting your email in the little box at the right-top of this blog.

Or follow me on Google or Facebook or Twitter.  Or go to my website and click on "blog."

Obviously, I'm all over the internet.  So even if you don't want to follow our travels deliberately, you'll probably trip over one of my stories somewhere.  And if that happens, I hope you enjoy it and aren't too disappointed that the story doesn't live up to the racy title.

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