Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Step by step, we make our way." ― Kate Mosse

Step by step, walking the labyrinth in Avila Beach
(where we went a few weeks ago for Dave's birthday).

You know it's time to leave when you've used up the barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, and salad dressing.

We just ate our last dinner in our Santa Cruz Love Nest:  Dave's succulent ribs, roasted veggies, and colossal artichokes.  We like to dip our artichokes in mayonnaise (our only use of it)--and, miraculously, we finished off the ancient jar.

What a red-letter 24 hours, considering I also signed my retirement papers this afternoon!

As I write this on the couch in dim light, I'm aware of how we gave away our standing lamp.  Other things we gave away today include  deck chairs, beach chairs, a beach umbrella, two bags of clothes, and a potting table.

I remember buying that potting table years ago when I was living on my own for the first time in fifteen years, following my divorce.

Now here I am, happily married to Dave and about to embark on a world travel adventure.  The past me could barely dream such things.  I'm grateful to have learned and grown so much that I can see how creating the life you want is possible.

Friday morning, the movers come to put our stuff in storage.  Friday afternoon, we fly to L.A., and then two days later we'll be in Australia.

Step by step, we've made our way to this point.  We don't know how long we'll be living a traveling life.  What we do know is that for at least a year we will be seeing what it feels like to live as adventurers without a home base, visiting friends all over the world, and making new ones wherever we go.

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funnydoctormom said...

Hi Kate,
I loved this post and the two hyperlinked posts too, this is all such wonderfully positive stuff, I relate, I relate, I relate, and it is so fun to read about it.
These are great messages and I am so glad you share them with everyone around you, sharing your talent at writing and at living!