Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Be Peace

Yesterday as the nation was becoming aware of the horrorifying massacre at Virginia Tech, I was teaching one of my classes at San Jose State. We were talking about Baghdad Burning, a book and blog by a young Iraqi woman who goes by the name Riverbend.

My hope is that those who feel deep in their bones, their souls, the horror of the killings at Viriginia Tech will also feel empathy for those embroiled in the daily horrors of war around the world. Consider what Riverbend says here:

A day in the life of the average Iraqi has been reduced to identifying corpses, avoiding car bombs and attempting to keep track of which family members have been detained, which ones have been exiled and which ones have been abducted.

After I taught, my mom and I took a walk to the Rosicrucian Museum and sat in their Peace Garden. A plaque as you enter reads this:

* * *

Contribution to Peace

I contribute to Peace when I strive to express the best of myself in my contacts with others.

I contribute to Peace when I use my intelligence and my abilities to serve the Good.

I contribute to Peace when I feel compassion toward all those who suffer.

I contribute to Peace when I look upon all men and women as my brothers and sisters, regardless of race, culture, or religion.

I contribute to Peace when I rejoice over the happiness of others and pray for their well-being.

I contribute to Peace when I listen with tolerance to opinions that differ from mine or even oppose them.

I contribute to Peace when I resort to dialogue rather than to force to settle any conflict.

I contribute to Peace when I respect Nature and preserve it for generations to come.

I contribute to Peace when I do not seek to impose my conception of God upon others.

I contribute to Peace when I make Peace the foundation of my ideals and philosophy.
* * *

No matter your politics, PEACE is the way. At the heart of most ancient teachings and religions is the wisdom and compassion of peace.

Also, consider supporting Peace Action.


Anonymous said...

Kate, I take my mom on walks to the Rosicrucian Museum often. It's such a wonderful place to wander through. I push her in a wheelchair from my house three blocks away.

I like reading about you giving your mom a bath. Welcome to the mother-washers club. My mother has become my child.


Montgomery Maxton said...

we need more peace gardens in the world.