Thursday, April 19, 2007

Humanitarianism, Anyone?

Wounded Iraqi Boy (From here)

I've been moved reading about the lives all of all those killed at Virginia Tech. What devastation for their families and friends--and for us all, to be witnesses to such random, senseless cruetly.

Can you imagine if every day in a mainstream paper there were posted the photos and personal stories of every Iraqi (approximately 100 a day) and soldier killed in Iraq?

Why does our society refuse to see the devastating human catastrophe that is war?

I think part of the problem is patriotism. We need to celebrate humanitarianism, not random divisions that make one person an "American" and another an "Iraqi", that create an "us" and a "them."


Montgomery Maxton said...

becuz we live in a very spoiled and censored country.

Kate Evans said...

Yes, so much rhetoric about us being the "best country in the world" when there are many countries who do so much better than we do with civil rights, queer rights, the environment, free speech, etc. "THE BEST" country implies "THE BEST" citizens. Living in the world is NOT a competition.