Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maybe the Edwards Need to See a Marriage Counselor?

Elizabeth Edwards has come out in support of gay marriage:

I wonder if her cancer diagnosis has helped her decide that life is too short for political hypocrisy.

Or if, as this piece suggests, her public stance gives her husband--who like all the candidates is vocally against same-sex marriage--more leeway with GLBTQ voters.

No matter, in another generation or two, this issue will be seen as akin to Jim Crow laws.


Talia Reed said...

My guess is it gives him the opportunity to hold both sides of the issue. I sort of thought the same thing with George Bush who is against abortion, and his wife who is not.

Anonymous said...

He said on the Tonight Show he wasn't there "yet."

And yes, that's frustrating.

When I heard him speak last week in New York (during Pride Week), he got a rousing introduction from a gay activist (originally from a North Carolina trailer park) who calls him the only candidate who gets it.

Here's hoping he gets it all soon. I was really impressed with him.

Arlene said...

you're right about comparing this issue to jim crow laws, kate. it seems only a matter of time.

love the limp wrist 'zine — it's a riot! thanks for sharing.

and hey, i've tagged you into revealing 8 things about yourself ;)


Anonymous said...

Ha! Marriage counseling is right. I detect a bit of tension there.

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