Friday, June 29, 2007

Music and Movies

I got Jinny Sagorin's CD in the mail. All I can say is: Why is "cabaret" a slam on American Idol? She proudly bears the cabaret label and is brilliant. Her interpretations of a wide array of songs--from Joni Mitchell, Freddie Mercury and the Beatles, to standards and musical classics--are gorgeous and not to be missed. Check her out here.

* * *

Annie and I went to see Sicko today. All I can say is: SEE IT. It's the important film of the decade.

Republican, Democrat, it doesn't matter. Let me tell you, Bush & Hillary both get pies in the face on this one.

Not to mention, it's great filmmaking. As they say about all the classic films: I laughed, I cried. I really did.


Interesting Sicko-related story:

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