Thursday, June 26, 2008

Indigo Girls

Last night we saw the Indigo Girls in concert at a relaxed club venue called the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. I'm not a groupie, but I love their sound, and I've now seen them probably eight or more times in California and Washington.

The very first Indigo Girls song I heard was "Hammer and a Nail" on my car radio. I turned it up and thought, "Who IS this?" When the announcer said that was a new song by the "Indigo Girls" I ran out bought their two tapes.

Yes, tapes. Tells you how long ago that was.

When I went to live in Japan, the Indigo Girls came with me. Their music meant a lot to me as I moved into my 30s. Amy and Emily sang the promise of making positive change in the world, of making meaningful art, and of being yourself, fully and completely.

Being the naive soul that I was, it didn't dawn on me that they were lesbians until I fell in love with a woman for the first time. I was amazed at how I'd been drawn to them before I'd consciously realized that being with a woman was a possibility for me.

Here they are on Charlie Rose talking about the genesis of their band, as well as about being political women and lesbians. They are so refreshingly real and honest:

Here they are, rockin'; they sang this song last night.

And here's "Hammer and a Nail," the first song I heard:


Collin Kelley said...

When you come to ATL, I'll take you over to Watershed, which is Emily's restaurant. She's in there sometimes. Of course, they might show up at the Queer Lit Fest. They do get out and about and support the locals.

Kate Evans said...

OMG, yes yes! :)

Anne Haines said...

I really, really love them. One of the best nights of my life was when I went to an IG concert with a friend who also happened to know Amy Ray from way back, and I got to go hang out backstage with them. It was neat to find out that they really are as nice and kind and gracious offstage as they seem to be onstage. I wish they'd hurry up and schedule another show around here -- it's been a couple years.

Also, Watershed rocks! Definitely go there. If you eat chicken, their fried chicken is TO DIE FOR.

Kate Evans said...

Anne, I'm jealous!