Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Poison & music

Look what just arrived in the mail!
These poems go for the cojones. The first poem in the collection, for instance, highlights the death of Ronald Reagan, about whom "You can't help but cry, the old bastard / finally dead, like a daddy who beat you / almost to death . . ."

The speaker in this poem reminds us that Reagan hated to have "to dirty his mouth with the word / AIDS, but gay would never pass his lips . . . He made it seven years without giving in/ to those bleeding heart homos, liberals and whiny doctors. . . He ended the Cold War while his own country turned to ice."

I liked this collection so much I blurbed it, calling it "CNN on truth serum."

Finishing Line Press does a really nice job with their chapbooks.

Congratulations Collin!
I'm on the laptop right now in the living room. Annie and her brother Jim are playing guitars, and our 22-year-old nephew George is playing the bass. They are jammin'. They're here from Veracruz Mexico for two weeks, and whenever they come, our house is filled with music.


Collin Kelley said...

Thanks for the shout out...and the blurb. Love you!

Anne Haines said...

Boo! I didn't get mine yet. And I live way closer to FLP HQ than you do! :(

Maybe tomorrow...