Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Secret to a Happy Life

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.  
- George Bernard Shaw

What is "finding" ourselves, after all?  We are where we are.  There's nothing to find!

I guess I could be "there"...but that would still be "here."  (credit)

Shaw's right:  There's a lot to be said for creation.

The secret to a happy life, in my humble opinion, is a two-parter:

1.  Cherish the moment, and 
2.  Be excited for the future.

Part 1 is focusing on being.
Part 2 is focusing on creating.

This equation allows me a beautiful balance.  When I'm cherishing the moment, I'm really here.  I smell, taste, touch, feel, appreciate the richness of life.

And when I'm excited for the future, I'm wondering, imagining, exploring and reveling in all the possibilities life holds.

If my thoughts about the future are fun, joyful and productive, I bask in them.  If they bring me anxiety, I focus back on the present and remind myself that the future and the past are just thoughts.

If what surrounds me at the moment isn't pleasing, I luxuriate in thoughts of the future knowing that everything, no matter what, changes.

View of the Grand Tetons from our river raft trip down the Snake River (photo by Dave)

I find that the more I appreciate life, the more exciting things there are to look forward to.  It's like being on a raft floating down a river and feeling the sun, smelling the water, viewing the light and wildlife and trees--and knowing that whatever comes around the bend will be another amazing sight to see.

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