Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And Mom lives on...

Mom's non-funereal-funeral was this Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day in San Francisco (the city of her birth) filled with tears and laughter and love.  With the trio of musicians playing Hawaiian music that my mom loved, with wine and stories flowing, it was a true celebration of her life.  I could feel her presence.  And this morning I received a timely reminder that we do live on, in so many ways.  Here it is, from a woman in Tennessee:

"I just learned that my 5-year-old twin sons have red-green Color Vision Deficiency.  I began madly searching for resources for my sons and his teachers, and I found Seeing Color:  It's My Rainbow, Too. 
The book for kids.

"In my search, I learned that there really aren't many resources out there on CVD for children.  From what I could find, this was really the only one.  I found it out-of-stock on Amazon.com and could not find it in Borders or any other Nashville bookstore.  I finally found it on a couple of web sites and have ordered three copies.
Mom also wrote one for teens and adults.

"I am emailing to tell you that I ran across a link to your blog when searching for availability of this book.  I read about your mother's recent passing, and even though I am a stranger, I am very sorry for your loss.  I read your words and her obituary, and I could tell that she was a very special person.  I am so grateful to have found copies of her book.  I am a former elementary teacher, and I plan to give one to my boys' kindergarten teacher and another to the art teachers at their school.  I consider her book a true gift for parents of children with CVD.  I hope my sons' teachers will read it and gain a better understanding of "colorblindness" and its impact on approximately 8% of the boys (and possibly a few girls) that they teach. 
Mom's novel, a romantic comedy-mystery with a colorblind hero.

"My twins learned to read early and easily, but their preschool teacher was concerned about their difficulty with (and lack of interest in) puzzles. Even though my sons don't go to preschool anymore, I will now share with them what I'm learning and recommend your mother's book.

After releasing a mix of Mom and Dad's ashes into the Bay,
in their beloved city where they married.
Thank you for your work in editing Seeing Color, and I know that your mother's contribution will continue to help parents like me and children like mine.  I believe her amazing spirit will remain with you forever."

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Holli said...

What a perfect send off.... I loved reading this .... I'm sure your mom appreciated all of it.