Friday, April 25, 2014

Thank You for Everything, Tahoe

Once again, the end of an era nears. After four months in Tahoe, we leave soon. That's the life of nomads: embracing change.

Even though it's the end of April, this morning looked like this:

 And it's still coming down. Who knew we'd be gifted a few more ski days?

During our time on the west shore, I finished the first draft of my memoir. It's tentatively titled The Footholds Will Appear: An Odyssey of Love, Sex, Spirit and Travel.

The title comes from these lyrics by Hot Buttered Rum, words about trusting in the journey:

We could fall away from here 
But I have faith that the footholds will appear…

Speaking of that band, they played a free show at a local ski resort. We danced for hours in the fresh air with our friends.

Those friends were among many visitors who have come to stay with us. We had a blast teaching our friends' kids how to ski.

Dave and Johnny

I became fast friends with eight-year-old Olivia. We skied together, and she drew a charming array of pictures of me involved in a zillion different activities! Although if you look closely, you can also see one of Dave swimming with dolphins.

In addition to lots of skiing...


Scott and Nikki

Kelly & Terry

Elise, Steph, Nevin & Daddy

 ...everyone enjoyed the hot tub...

...and walks in the forest and along the lake.

Mel and me

Nevin, Lilly & Jimmy

Dave demonstrating the fine art of rock skipping.

Several times, we took the hike up to Eagle Rock. It was a great family adventure.

K-Shak family from So Cal

MO-minksys, also from So Cal
In Tahoe I've also been coaching writers online. After years of being a writing teacher, I'm especially enjoying giving feedback without grades!

One of my clients is a doctor. She has a great way with juicy details. Nothing like time in a hospital to gather great material. Recently she wrote this to me:

I appreciate your kindness in delivering constructive tips. I think I was a bit terrified to open the files and read your response. In fact, it turned about to be enjoyable and totally pain-free! I found myself comfortable hearing your advice and even wanting more! The suggestions are fantastic and leave me with much to think about and practice.

I smiled over the idea that someone who regularly deals with life and death situations had been "a bit terrified" about my feedback! I think that means she cares a lot about writing. It's a pleasure to work with her. I'm certain her work will be in book form in your hands one day.

I'm sure mine will be too--hopefully by next year. Soon I will be sending out my manuscript to five writer friends. I know they will all give me great tips for revision. For at least a month, I won't look at the book so I can come back to it with fresh eyes.

In the meantime, I will cherish these last days in the mountains. Next up: California, Hawaii and Utah National Parks. Keep shining your light, everyone!

with Lola

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