Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home is Here

Mark and Dave biking in Zion.

Last night as we sat under the stars in Zion, a friend asked:

"What's it like to live without a house? When I'm on a trip, I love traveling, but I always reach a point where I look forward to going home. Then I enjoy being back in my familiar surroundings, involved in my rituals."

I turned to Dave, curious how he'd answer. He talked about the mindset of living on the road. We didn't leave with the expectation that we'd return. So it's about being at home wherever we are.

In our year on the road, whenever I feel that yearning for "home," I get curious about it. What, exactly, am I wanting? A sense of peace, perhaps. So I can provide that to myself wherever we are--by getting still, by breathing, by feeling my body from the inside out. That might involve sprawling on the couch, listening to music, taking a mindful walk, meditating--or eating popcorn! It's up to me to soothe myself. It's up to me to, as Dave said, be at home wherever I am.

Hanging out with friends old and new in the Virgin River.

It also means embracing life as a journey. We aren't on vacation. We aren't driven to see and experience all the highlights of wherever we are. We enjoy our surroundings best by exploring new places without worrying about "missing something"--and we balance activity with downtime. The journey is the point.

Right now we are in Zion, Utah in a house with almost twenty people spread over three generations. Mark, a longtime friend of Dave's, leased a place for a week and invited us. He said there might be some others--but we hadn't realized we were walking into the open arms of a family reunion! I feel like we are at camp. In just three days, we've bonded with this awesome group by exploring the amazing national park, cooking, and talking and laughing for hours. Last night was a big dance party late into the night. We cleared the living room of furniture, and Mark--who's a DJ--played the music, complete with laser lights!

Once again, connections with people and nature have become central to our lives.

Before coming to Zion, we spent some time in the L.A. area with friends.

Huck Finn Bluegrass Jubilee
With Jude, Melissa and Reggie

With Ricardo, Dave's friend since the 1980s--and Cecelia and Charlie

Paul and the boys

All this socializing was punctuated by some time with just the two of us in Big Bear. We rented a great cabin on Airbnb.

I'd never before been on a ski lift in the summer, but we took it up, with our bikes dangling on the chair in front of us.

Then we rode down the mountain!

(and sometimes walked )
We also visited the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, which rescues and rehabilitates wild animals. It was incredible to be so close to a grizzly...

and a mountain lion.

We also stopped in Sedona for a few days, where we stayed at another Airbnb place and hiked to the four reputed vortexes.

They are beautiful spots. But I didn't feel more "vortexy" there. Just another reminder that spiritual energy--like home--is there for you whenever you want it.

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