Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hot Oprah Day

My sister alerted me that Michael Moore was going to be on Oprah today, so after I took Mom to her doctor's appointment, we watched it together. Moore was great. He kept hammering home that it's absurd that our medical system is for-profit because it benefits financially from withholding and denying treatment.

Following Moore, Oprah interviewed Cormac McCarthy. I'm sure McCarthy aficionados were squirming on their couches, watching their idol demean himself by appearing on a popular TV show--no, this popular TV show. Those aficionados need to get over themselves because obviously McCarthy thought he'd be getting something out of it (like the book sales he feigns disinterest in). And now Oprah's ubiquitous sticker now adorns paperback copies of The Road.

And her summer reading pick? Jeffrey Eugenedies' Middlesex. (A great read.)

I bet Jonthan Franzen is kicking himself.
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