Saturday, April 19, 2008

Take action: Homophobia in my home town

Michael Rizzo, a student on my campus, has been writing a terrific column in our campus paper called "This Queer Life."

Not surprisingly, a handful of homophobes is writing letters of protest to almost every piece Michael writes.

If you have a moment, consider writing responses to these homophobes on the newspaper's online site. I've written several. You don't have to use your real name, unless you so desire.

Or consider writing some positive feedback to Michael's columns. Sometimes ignoring haters by blatantly loving those they hate is better than arguing with them.

Below are the links to his most recent columns; at the end of each column is a place to comment. (Even if you don't want to comment, these are articles worth reading.)

and there are a few more links to columns here.

Michael also wrote an article here about out professors (including moi). (It's a good piece but it has one mistake. It says I was married to a man for "30 years." Goddess forbid! I was married for five.)
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