Saturday, July 26, 2008

Countdown & Goodreads

Tomorrow's the big day! We've both been a bit under the weather...go figure...but I predict tomorrow we will be in great shape.

Annie's brother Jim and his son George (who's 22) have been practicing in our living room the guitar music they'll be playing at the ceremony. The practice has been segueing into a fabulous jam. They always fill our lives with such great sounds when they're visiting from Mexico. (They live in Veracruz).

We have other friends set to chauffeur us around, others who are taking photos, others yet who are picking up the cake and planning toasts and checking off the list of guests, others who are bringing wine and glasses to the after-dinner party in our hotel suite, another who has written the ceremony she's going to perform. I am filled with gratitude; we are rich in the love of friends and family.


If you're not familiar with Goodreads, you should check it out. You can rate books you're reading and read others' ratings. And if you're an author, it's a great way to connect to other writers and readers.
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