Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something's coming . . .

Hey, look what's coming soon! More later . . .


Sunday is the big day ... and since we're getting married on a boat, we figured we should take a little ride on it first. We planned a day a couple of weeks ago, but the boat didn't show at the wharf. It had to be diverted because of a weird tide.


So we planned again a week later--and the boat trip was cancelled because of a big swell. The captain insisted a swell like that in July is "very unusual."


So we planned again for this week. We went yesterday, and it was fantastic. A sweet little boat, the sun, the sea breeze, the turquoise water, the beautiful Monterey Bay, seagulls and otters and pelicans and sea lions . . .

Let's just hope we get a day like that on Sunday.

If not, we do have a Plan B that we'd really really really rather not have to resort to.

So ... think clear skies, calm seas and good tides.

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