Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding pictures

Finally, some pictures, thanks to my sister Crystal! Our official photographer for the day was Rich Ressman, aka Photosurgeon; when we get some from him, I'll post a few more.

To read about the wedding, go to the entry below or click here.

This is what the Santa Cruz day looked like. How lucky were we?

We all hung out at the wharf before the boat pulled up. Here are my brother-in-law Howie with our niece Jenna and our nephew Evan, already decked out in the purple orchid lei (yes, "lei" is plural!) all the guests received.

Then we were on the boat, and it pulled away with the Boardwalk's roller coasters in the distance.

Our niece Hailey, my sister Ann and cousin Leslie enjoying the ride.
Mom and me.
Aunt Ruby and cousins Jeri Lynn, Leslie & Linda.

The boat stopped at the harbor, and Mary Beth performed the ceremony.
No, Mary Beth didn't sing; she was just feeling the moment!
Our nephew George, visiting from Veracruz, Mexico, played the guitar and sang with his father, Jim (Annie's brother).
Nieces Jenna and Hailey enjoyed the ride inside the boat for a little bit.
My sisters Crystal and Ann at the reception dinner...

...and their husbands, Bruce and Howie, getting their gay on in the spirit of the day.

The wedding cake--a massive carrot cake from The Buttery.

Niece Jenna, Laurie's daughter Molly, niece Hailey and nephew Evan enjoying dinner at the kids' table.
The kids ham it up. Jenna and Hailey loved finding a new friend in Molly.
The happy couple. Very, very happy.
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