Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it my imagination or did Sarah Palin...

... almost break out into tears when she finished speaking at the RNC tonight? Not that that's a bad thing--I can imagine she was damn relieved to finish that ludicrous speech.

She actually did very well at the beginning as she talked about family and made jokes like, "What's the difference between a soccer mom and a pitbull? Lipstick."

But when it came to other things, like policy, experience, plans for the country--well, she sounded a little like a teenager in a gymnasium running for student body treasurer. She dissed Obama left and right and came off as bitter, snarky, desperate and even a little bored in the second half when she had to talk about McCain...or maybe she was just overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Of course, playing the "I'm just a regular person and he's an elitist" has worked wonders in our anti-intellectual country for a long time, so why stop now?

Not for one second do I think the McCain-Palin team is unelectable. And even if they are, consider what novelist Jane Smiley wrote:

It ... may be that the Republicans have their vote stealing operations fully functional and the current election is simply a sham. ... [If so], we WILL get McCain and Palin, and if we do, the decline of the US under Bush will turn into a collapse under McCain.


Update: I liked this analysis.
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