Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'd add: "I have some suggestions" and "Promise you'll tell no one" and "Can we talk?"

Words That Make My Stomach Plummet (by Mira McEwan)

Committee Meeting. Burden of Proof.
The Simple Truth. Trying To Be Nice.

Honestly. I Could Have Died. I Almost Cried.
It's Only a Cold Sore.

It's My Night. Trust Me. Dead Serious.
I Have Everything All Under Control.

I'm Famous For My Honesty.
I'm Simply Beside Myself. We're On The Same Page.

Let's Not Reinvent The Wheel.
For The Time Being. There Is That.

I'm Not Just Saying That.
I Just Couldn't Help Myself. I Mean It.


l said...

A poem that resonates & wonderful to hear just before we're stepping out for a 40th birthday party where the booze will be flowing.

The truth is never simple.
You could've died, buy you didn't.
I either cry or I don't, however, sometimes I sniffle.
If someone says trust me - don't.
Rarely is everything under control.
If you're famous for your honesty then you have no friends and that's your excuse.
Of course you could help yourself.

Kate Evans said...

I especially love the last two! That "famous for your honesty" thing can sometimes be an excuse to be simple-minded or domineering.