Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Made for minors (especially those with recruiters on or near schools)

Why, exactly, is it difficult to access this video on YouTube?

Why are there hoops to jump through to get to it?

Why is it tagged: "This video may not be suitable for minors"?


Arlene said...

thanks for sharing this video, kate — all those dead bodies lined up near the ending is so chilling and very sad.

i can't believe there are so many kate evans out there. love that you added their pics and cool jobs. i've got two or three people out there with whom i share my name... one of them, ironically, is a nun. tickles me everytime. the porn star job is a riot!


Isaiah Vianese said...

Thank you for the moving video. Let's hope we get someone in office that help set us get on track in the next four years.

Sending peace and best wishes...