Monday, May 26, 2008

It took me 3 seconds to register my support for equality

The office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is polling reaction to the California Supreme Court decision overturning the ban on gay marriage.

Most of the response they are getting is in OPPOSITION to the court action.

To vote in support of the Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality:

1. call 1-916-445-2841

2. press 1, 5, 1, 1 (these really are the prompts to push).

After you've done this, please send it on to all supporters you know.


Charles McLeod said...

Just called, Kate. It should be known, too, that Arnie is very much against this overturning, and knows full well that the people who are against gay marriage will be more aware of this "poll" than proponents thereof. The ignorant become increasingly easy to organize and mobilize as their numbers shrink. This "poll" is especial bullshit since it will be up to the voters, and not Arnie, to decide this issue. This is opinion disguised as objective data collection. Please, please recall that this man is a rapist and steroid user who is destroying our parks and bankrupting our schools. Thank you.

Kate Evans said...

Hi Fearless-- Yes, it's certainly surreal that this man is our governor.

He has, however, come out against the proposition that will be on the November ballot that will try to nix equality of marriage.

Then again, he vetoed bills sent to him by the state legislature that tried to legalize gay marriage.

Maybe too many steroids in the soup?

C. Dale said...

I reposted this at The Muse. And I called. We live in a strange time.

Kate Evans said...

Great, C. Dale--the more the merrier, let's hope.

Collin Kelley said...

Can people from outside the state call?

Kate Evans said...

I'm not sure, Collin. If you try it, would you let us know?