Thursday, June 12, 2008

McCain: "I am a illiterate who has to rely on my wife"

Yes, he said "a illiterate"--the form and content perfectly matched:

I guess it's McCain video day on this blog. Watch him in action with America's sweetheart, Ellen. History is so obviously going to prove him wrong. Separate is not equal:


Becky C. said...

I am certainly not a McCain enthusiast--but I thought it was nice that he appeared on Ellen's show, was respectful, and expressed his erroneous opinion calmly (and I think a bit uncomfortably)--it is a far cry from the hyperventilating homophobia we are used to getting from Republicans.

Putting down gays is not a McCain's thing, and he is not going to use it to whip up hate and fear as Bush, Rove and the rest did. And he did, to the great distress of many in his party, vote against the Federal Marriage Protection Amendment.

It is the same way that he avoids the fundies as much as he politically can--he really thinks they are nuts, as he openly said a few years ago.

I actually think Obama is more uncomfortable with the issue. He takes the necessary correct wishy washy opinion of favoring civil unions but not marriage--the same opinion he had as a law professor before running for president.

After flip flopping and being evasive he now favors repeal of DOMA--something he should not have had to think more than two seconds about.

He has largely ignored the gay press. Has said gay rights were not important when we had such important issues as the economy and Iraq. He does not think the states should grant reciprocity on same sex marriage, and favors legislation if a court was to rule the constitution required this. Then there is the time he was touring with the de-gay programmer in South Carolina--an obvious political gambit to get conservative fundie African-Americans.

I find him a lot more troubling than McCain.


Collin Kelley said...

Personally, as a gay man, I don't think gay marriage should even be in the top 10 list of platforms of either candidate. This country is at war, the housing market is crumbling, unemployment is rising, millions don't have health care and the economy is in the toilet. We have many, many more things to worry about than gay marriage at this point. Let's get the country working again and then focus on social issues.

It would serve Obama well to keep focus on the "big ticket" issues and then after he's settled into office, begin the push for civil unions. I support marriage or unions.

Kate Evans said...

Hi Becky-I find McCain more troubling in EVERY WAY than Obama. See my next entry that's specifically in response to this.

That said, I hear ya Collin. It frightens the hell out of me to imagine our new president being the man who sang to the tune of "Barbara Ann": "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran."

Kat Zolita Mason said...

McCain is certainly more troubling than Obama on this and other issues.
" we are all the same.
Out Love is all the same" Ellens words are undeniably true and
speak with a simplicity that
cuts right through the whole "separate but equal" argument