Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All dressed up and somewhere to go

Finally, today I found an outfit for the wedding, which happens this Sunday. Nothing like cutting it close. It kind of looks like this (modeled by a Jaclyn Smith lookalike; although I pride myself on my white trash qualities, I swear the outfit's not from KMart, it's from J. Jill).

However, the pants I'll be wearing are calf-length, flowy and eggplant color like the blouse, and I found a gorgeous, chunky necklace and cute, thick-soled sandally shoes. All good for a casual boat wedding.

Shopping is not my favorite pasttime. Far from it. So I was happy to find something relatively fast and not have to deal with agony of shopping day after day.

The first time I got married it was 1985, and I looked something like this but with bigger hair. There's a picture of me somewhere guzzling a whole bottle of champagne in the dress at the reception. I remember doing that because I was already feeling a *tad* trapped in the wife role. Wanted to subvert it after just an hour.

Annie and I don't call each other "wife." We tend toward "spouse" or "partner."

We've been together very happily for 14 years, so I'm not too worried that being official will change anything. It will be strange, though, because now when people ask me if I'm married I can say "yes." I used to say, "Depends on what you mean" or "I would be but I'm not legally allowed."

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Linda S. Socha said...

Love your willingness to tell it like it is. Partner sounds like what it is to me. Wish you both joy and as much happiness as you can experience each day.