Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Presses, Silly Hypocrisy and Gays in the Family

Some of you have requested and received the first two chapters of Complementary Colors.

I also wanted to let you know that the first chapter is now available to be read on the Complementary Colors blog. (If you want to read 2 chapters, email me.)

If you read any of the preview, I'd love to hear what you think. I'd also dig it if you blogged or facebooked about your reactions.

Small presses don't have access to the huge PR machines that big publishers do--so any way you can get the word out if you like the pages is appreciated. Small presses are the ones who put out a diversity of voices that are squashed by corporate publishing. Please support small presses!


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I find this whole beauty pagent thing so bizarre. There's silly hypocrisy enough to go around. On the one had, anti-gay attitudes based on "morality" are spouted on national television from a nude-posing-boob-job-beauty queen. On the other hand, a beauty pagent sporting chicks in teeny bikinis includes a "morality clause" in the contract forbidding "partial nudity."

Something interesting has come up regarding Carrie Prejean's attitudes against gay people. Joe.My.God has reported that "Carrie Prejean's homophobia may have its origin in her parents' divorce and protracted custody battle in which her mother accused her father of being gay." Makes me think of Anita Bryant and her reportedly gay son.

Speaking of which...did you all see that Marie Osmond's daughter has come out as a lesbian--and that Marie is "supporting her." She says all kinds of loopy things about same-sex marriage in this clip, sounding like she's backpedaling on the official Mormon anti-gay stance. No matter how you interpret what she says about marriage, the way she enthuses about her daughter is a great pie-in-the-face to the Mormon elite for whom Marie has been tiara-wearing spokesmodel for decades.


Collin Kelley said...

I wish loopy Marie and pill popping Paula would do a variety show. Glad to hear Marie standing up for what's right and supporting her daughter.

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Thanks for posting!

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My thoughts on this topic:

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