Monday, March 3, 2008

Things That Keep Me From Writing

* paper-grading
* lesson planning
* CLA minutae
* reading
* day-dreaming
* paying bills online
* shopping and cooking and vacuuming and cleaning out the cat box and other things I must attend to for daily living
* email, email, email
* aqua sky after weeks of clouds
* dogs under my feet, begging for a walk
* research for my historical novel (very easy to get lost in)
* insecurity about what I'm writing
* blogging (oh, I guess that means I should stop the list here)...

What keeps you from writing?
Collin tagged me to pick up the work of fiction closest to where I'm sitting right now that has 123 pages or more, turn to page 123, find the fifth sentence, then post it and the next three sentences.

Book: Norton Anthology of Short Fiction (1738 bible-thin pages)
Page 123: "Silver Water" by Amy Bloom
Three sentences:

"Nicely put," my mother said.
"Indeed," my father said.
"Fuckin' A," Rose said.

I tag anyone who will have fun with this.
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