Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things That Keep Me Writing

After doing a Things That Keep Me From Writing post, I figured I needed to do the positive spin on it.


Things That Keep Me Writing

* Getting up early and in silence putting on my bathrobe, pouring a cup of coffee and sitting in front of my laptop on my couch.

* Writing on a laptop that doesn't connect to the internet.

* Going to readings; other writers tend to stimulate me to write.

* Reading.

* Blocking out writing time on my calendar.

* During not-writing time, consciously thinking of my writing projects (e.g., not allowing myself solely to obsess over whether or not I signed an invoice, what I plan to say to students about the haiku, if I need to make a dentist appointment, whether or not Ryan Seacrest is really gay, etc.)

And you?
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