Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bigger worlds

Annie and I have set a date: July 27. Yes, after 14 years we're tying the knot.

I suppose this means we'll actually have an anniversary date. We've gone around and around about that over the years. At first we thought it should be at the end of January, the month we met. Then we thought it should be in May, the month we moved in together and made personal vows to each other on the beach (the primary one being that we would never squelch the other person, always striving to make each other's world bigger).

For those keeping track, yes we committed to each other just 4 months after we met. In stereotypical fashion, we fit the lesbians-renting-a-UHaul-on-their-second-date profile. Fortunately, we ended up liking each other once the Big Buzz mutated to, well, love.

When we married on February 14 four years ago, we figured that was our anniversary. How sweet, Valentine's Day and all that. But we never seemed to do much on that day. Since we're not big Valentine's people (not being thrilled at having corporate America's trinkets as symbols for our union), the anniversary fell by the wayside.

So now, July 27 it will be.

We're going to have a small ceremony (about 30 guests) at the beach in Santa Cruz followed by dinner at one of our favorite Santa Cruz restaurants. Just our style, relaxed and understated. Intimate and fun. Beachy and low on the stress.

If I think I don't look like a total dork in any of the pictures (to be taken by a wonderful photographer and good friend), I'll post some here late summer.
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