Thursday, October 16, 2008


Another day at AQLF in Atlanta ... I went to Emory University with Mark Doty and Franklin Abbot.  Gorgeous campus.  Mark did a great workshop that got me thinking about some aspects of my childhood in new ways.  He reminded me that memory is so mine-able there's no end to its riches.

Tonight was a fabulous reading at a great queer bookstore downtown, Outwrite Books, featuring Sister So Am I (one of the founding members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; wow, what a moving blast of history), the YA writer Alex Sanchez, marvelous poet and all-around great guy Dan Vera, and Paul Lisicky, who read a piece about his mother's dementia that moved me deeply.

Afterward, I went with a group  of these guys to a great pub.  It was 8 gay guys and me, my kind of night.  I love being the token lesbian mascot.
I wore my "OBAMA:  This Time I Want a Smart President" tee-shirt today, and Mark wore his that said "Polar Bears for OBAMA."  

It's great to be here but I miss Annie.  Wish she were here.

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