Friday, October 10, 2008

Trying to unbake the cake

McCain's calling his hateful constituents on their ignorant, vengeful, racist comments about Obama is like someone trying to unbake a cake. And he and Palin are the chefs.

It's extremely disconcerting to see how much hate is out there and how easy it is to whip up a furor, or Fuhrer. And it's notable how McCain didn't refute the notion that being an Arab is a horrible thing. Instead he said Obama's a decent man--implying no Arab could be.

The only light in this dark situation is that the hate seems to be backfiring. Recent polls show Obama with a double-digit lead in some areas and with a 4 point lead nationwide.

Funny how shit runs downhill ... now a bi-partisan panel has found that Palin broke the law, abusing her power as governor. That's what you get when you don't vett a maverick. I wonder if this means that SNL will uninvite her to their October 25 show?

In the face of all the political brouhaha I almost didn't see this amazing development: same sex marriage has been ruled legal in Connecticut! Three states down, 47 to go.


Collin Kelley said...

McCain's campaign is just throwing shit at the wall now to see if ANYTHING will stick. There is a great piece in the NY Times about all the hate speech happening at the rallies. McCain let's happen, then takes it back, throws out kooky ideas on the economy at each stop. This is the sign of a campaign spiraling out of control. All they've got left is smear tactics because they don't have a single issue to run on. I wish the election were this Tuesdsay.

jin said...

Really chilling stuff.
Here's a link to some more beauties...

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

I wish SNL would NOT have Wolf-Killer on. It "legitimizes" her. And it usually "helps" the polling numbers of whoever comes on. God help us!