Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Has anyone seen Freeheld: The Laurel Hester Story? I haven't, but apparently it chronicles the fight of a terminally ill New Jersey woman to leave her pension benefits to her lesbian partner. It won the Oscar for Best Short Documentary last night (thanks Joe My God). Netflix doesn't carry it, so I just emailed them a request.

Why are people blowing a gasket over the release of this photo? It's a sad, sad day when trying on the traditional garb of a country doesn't point to your compassion, empathy and cultural expertise but instead at best is mocked as "silly" and at worst is said to imply you might be siding with "the terrorists."

Give me a break. It's an outrage when Muslims are lumped together as terrorists. And it makes me crazy that only a self-proclaimed old-style Christian could have a chance at winning the election. We'll have a woman President and Presidents of many colors (and maybe even a gay President)before we have a President who is Buddhist, Sikh, Pagan, Atheist, Rastafarian, or Agnostic. What's up with the Christian fetish? Why not more open minds, religiously speaking, in this democratic country of ours?

At last: there's some solid national coverage (thanks Collin) of the horrible, homophobic murder of Lawrence King.

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Collin Kelley said...

If Hillary's camp is circulating this photo, as it's been suggested, then that says a lot about her. She's pissed off about those mailers Obama sent out in Ohio saying her health care won't work, and even said Obama was taking a page out of Karl Rove's playbook. Circulating this photo of Obama is the type of fear-mongering we've had for the last seven years. It makes me like Hillary even less.