Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things That Keep Me Writing

After doing a Things That Keep Me From Writing post, I figured I needed to do the positive spin on it.


Things That Keep Me Writing

* Getting up early and in silence putting on my bathrobe, pouring a cup of coffee and sitting in front of my laptop on my couch.

* Writing on a laptop that doesn't connect to the internet.

* Going to readings; other writers tend to stimulate me to write.

* Reading.

* Blocking out writing time on my calendar.

* During not-writing time, consciously thinking of my writing projects (e.g., not allowing myself solely to obsess over whether or not I signed an invoice, what I plan to say to students about the haiku, if I need to make a dentist appointment, whether or not Ryan Seacrest is really gay, etc.)

And you?


Collin Kelley said...

Oh, honey, he is. You can cross that off your list of obsessions. ;)

Since writing is my full time job, what keeps me writing is a roof over my head, food and general sustenance. The creative writing keeps me alive. One day, I hope the two will mesh, so my creative writing becomes my "job."

Arlene said...

love your lists, kate! i can so identify with the distracting effect of replying to emails and blogging. and yes, being connected to the internet does have its downside... hell, just being with my laptop (like right now) is pure distraction. so many video games, so little time. **grin**

also enjoyed your tip about how to begin a story/novel. will have to keep that in mind.


p.s. thanks so much for the kind note you left at my blog. **hugs**

Kate Evans said...

Collin: Indeed, a room of one's own.

Hi Arlene! Thanks for coming by. (Arlene is my mom's name, by the way.)

Jo A. T.B. said...

Things that keep me writing simply is my love of the written word, especially poetry. I like your advice on writing a story too. I have been gathering info on writing a memoir. So much to this story, and close to my heart. Just finding time to set aside!

Liz said...

Kate, enjoyed your list - can relate to all of it - another thing that keeps me writing is that glorious after-glow feel
of having done it : ) Makes me
feel high,if only for an instant until the stark reality of needing
to revise sets in! ; )

Thanks for the writing tips too...and the great run-down
on the guest readers -fascinating.


Kate Evans said...

Jo & Liz-

It's true, the love of language is my engine. I just can't always get the engine started by pure passion--sometimes I need something more practical, like tying my bathrobe belt to my chair to remind me not to get up until I've been sitting there for two hours! :)