Thursday, April 10, 2008

Political poison

Some think political poetry is anathema to the poem.

Some think political poetry is an ethical necessity.

Still others say all human activity is political because all writing takes place in an historical, social milieu--therefore there's no such thing as an unpolitical poem.

Wherever you stand, Collin Kelley's After the Poison is damn good poetry.
Advanced sales for Collin's collection have just begun at Finishing Line Press.

I wrote a blurb for After the Poison--so did Jim Elledge and Jackie Sheeler. Here's the low-down:

In After the Poison, Collin Kelley faces war, genocide, rape, human trafficking, terrorism—every imaginable form of human-caused and human-condoned tragedy that plagues our planet—with an unflinching gaze and asks us to do the same. In today’s political climate, where monsters in the White House and out on the campaign trail run rabid, abandoning compassion and understanding for self-righteousness and blind hatred, this slim collection is a must-read. In fact, I dare you to read it. I double dare you.
—Jim Elledge, A History of My Tattoo

After the Poison is CNN on truth serum. Collin Kelley writes the brutal truth, harnessing poetry to reveal us to ourselves. –Kate Evans, author of Like All We Love and Negotiating the Self

Collin Kelley skewers the contemporary political landscape with unbearably precise and elegant language. Edgy, immediate, and brilliant…this is the kind of poetry that makes you want to run into the streets with a machine gun.–Jackie Sheeler, The Memory Factory and Off the Cuffs


Collin Kelley said...

Thank you, Kate!!! You have been so brilliant throughout getting this chapbook together. One of my rocks.

Bookfraud said...

well, i was going to avoid buying collin's book at all costs, or even looking at it, but now i guess i'm going to have to buy it.

Kate Evans said...

Well, bookfraud, you better just get the inevitable over with and go to the site to buy it now...

Kate Evans said...

collin: my pleasure, truly. ox