Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Red Morning

For those of you looking to submit your poetry manuscripts, Red Morning Press is now in its open reading period.

Red Morning Press requires no submission fee. Imagine that! This submission fee/poetry contest thing has gotten out of hand. I understand that small presses need to raise funds, but there is such a flood of fee-required contests in the market right now.

And what so often happens is that people whose work isn't quite ready spend a lot of money submitting work that doesn't have a chance. Contests that allow unlimited numbers of submissions (with a fee for each one, of course) end up making money on the backs of naive neophytes.

So for newer writers, I suggest reading a lot, writing a lot, and getting feedback from people you trust, either a mentor or a writing group. Get it really good before you bother spending time and money sending work out. Better yet, get it really good then submit to journals and small presses that require no fee.